Driving Exponential Sustainability and Prosperity  

We live in a contradictory epoch. The fourth industrial revolution unfolding at unprecedented speed promises to unleash a world of abundance. At the same time, accelerating global issues such as climate change threaten to upend life as we know it. 

QCentroid is fostering a stakeholder ecosystem where sustainable transformation and prosperity are incentivized and aligned. We believe that science, data, and exponential technologies will be quintessential in realizing new ways of working, living, and driving sustainable industry transformation forward. 

In line with our vision of the future of work and collaboration, we foresee QCentroid’s future as a decentralized autonomous ecosystem built on Web 3.0 that unites and incentivizes stakeholders to foster sustainability and prosperity in the world. 

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Future of Work

The age of remote and hybrid ways of working has arrived. While the technology to support remote and distributed teams existed before COVID, the pandemic has pushed employers and employees to change their mindset about a productive work environment. The evolution of organizational models from the traditional company model to the collaboration economy model necessitates educational and technological support. QCentroid strives to educate remote and distributed teams about new ways of working and collaborating in this new professional landscape while being focused on sustainability.  

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Humanity currently faces imminent global challenges of increasing magnitude. The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Green Deal provide guidelines for tackling climate change, nature loss, and extreme poverty. QCentroid is committed to harnessing exponential technologies and new ways of working to help achieve the SDGs  

Exponential Tech

Conscientious application of science, data, and exponential technology will prove quintessential in driving new, sustainable ways of working. Quantum computing can enhance new frontiers in the exponential technology landscape such as Web 3.0, Big Data, AI, and IoT. QCentroid acts as the collaboration catalyst by bringing together research institutions, industry, funding agencies, and government bodies to channel efforts to make the world sustainable.


Focus Areas 

Quantum Sustainability 

We believe that quantum computing will form the base layer of the future technology stack, playing a critical role in driving sustainable transformation and prosperity. QCentroid acts as the catalyst for applying quantum technologies for sustainable change by bringing diverse stakeholders, such as research institutions, industry, investors and governments,  in the quantum technologies ecosystem together.  

Purpose-Impact Art 

Art has a powerful way of touching hearts and minds. It is, therefore, an essential tool for driving societal change and spreading awareness of the SDGs. We are building a community of impact-oriented artists who want to leverage technology via non-fungible token (NFT) digital art to make the world a sustainable and prosperous place.   

Open Sustainability  

Collectively, we cannot attain the SDGs without making information accessible and industries sustainable. QCentroid is building a transparent and open information exchange system where stakeholders such as investors, employees, and consumers have easy access to performance metrics on the sustainability front.

Our team

Meet our amazing team.

Carlos Kuchkovsky

chief executive officer

Sharan Konerira

Chief Product & Research Officer 

Chema Mendez 

   Collaborating Digital Artist 

Paula Cifuentes 

Advisor: Sustainability 

Alberto Calvo

Advisor: Technology & Research

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